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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Top Tips for Storing an Extensive Private Wine Collection

There are all kinds of different collections a person may choose to invest in. Whether it is an art collection, coin collection, or even something like classic toys, collectors take great pride in the items they have and want to be sure they are stored in a way that ensures the integrity and safety of that particular item. If you happen to be someone that has an extensive collection of wine, then clearly the integrity of the items is even more important so that you can drink it and enjoy it without worrying that it’s been ruined thanks to how it was stored.

For those whose wine collection is starting to grow and really reach past the point of fitting in a basic wine fridge or on a wine rack, here are some storage tips that you can make use of.

Be Aware of the Correct Storage Temperature

One of the most important tips you need to be aware of is what temperature each vintage needs to be stored at. Ideally you want it to be somewhere cool, but not too cool. If it gets too hot, the wine will age faster than you want it to, and keeping it too cold can also cause it to be ruined or damaged. Ideally you want to store it between the temperatures of 7-21 degrees Celsius.

Limit the Light Exposure

Exposure to sunlight and artificial light is a big no-no for those worried about preserving the integrity of their wine. Keeping your wine in a room that has little to no light exposure at all is ideal. The same can be said of humidity, you don't want a room with high humidity.

Store Corked Bottles on Their Sides

Another tip is to store your wine bottles on their sides if they are corked. When a corked bottle of wine is stored upright, the cork can end up drying out which will then allow oxygen to get into the bottle and ruin the wine.

Look for an Off-Site Solution

Depending on the space you have available in your home, you may even reach a point where you can no longer properly store your wine. At this point, an off-site wine storage solution can make perfect sense. Octavian Vaults is a perfect example of a company that offers professional fine wine storage that will ensure all your vintages stay in perfect condition.

This wine storage company gives thought to such things as sun/light exposure, humidity levels, the temperature in the room, and even how the wine itself is placed in the room. Vintage wine storage isn’t just for large companies or collectors, it’s also for people who are growing their own private collection and want to be sure their investment is protected.

Protecting Your Investment

 As you collect more and more vintages, it’s important you learn how to properly store your wine so that you can in fact protect your investment so that it can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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