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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Six ways to reset your life

You may be thinking that resetting your life sounds a little extreme. I'm not talking about starting a new career, moving to a new area or ending relationships - although if these are things you feel you need, then do them. When I say resetting your life I actually mean, reshifting your mindset and your priorities.

This is something quite often do. I need to shake things up from time to time. I often get overwhelmed easily and this year has been an incredibly tough one, which I now feel I'm coming through the other side. I feel a reset is needed and I thought it would make for good reading if you're feeling a little swamped and unhappy with your current mindset.

Social media ban

Falling into the mindless trap of scrolling through social media? This is something I'm guilty of, especially when there are things I should be doing. When I'm looking for inspiration I love to scroll through Instagram and Pinterest - but all too often I'm just doing it to procrastinate as opposed to using it as a tool. I have decided I need to take a step back, at least one day a week and to stop scrolling through the last thing at night and the first thing in the morning. It really doesn't do anything positive and just makes me agitated, unable to relax fully - also in the mornings it stops me from getting up when I should!

Learn a new skill

I have been wanting to improve my photoshop knowledge for some time now and so I decided to bite the bullet and actually invest some time in developing this skill. I was recently introduced to an app/website called SkillShare via one of my favourite YouTubers, NAME and I instantly subscribed to it - photography, writing, art, photoshop, social media - experts in their fields have created their own courses through learning materials and video for you to use for a monthly fee. Honestly, head over and take a look because it's well worth doing.


When I'm feeling overwhelmed my space around me is something I always tackle first. My husband only said this weekend "Are you cleaning again because you're stressed?" - well actually, yes I am. I find cleaning therapeutic (when i'm in the mood) and an organised space really helps me to feel calm and also helps to declutter my mind.


You know me, a love-hate relationship with exercise but it truly is a mood lifter and always gives me more energy. I have found some routines I really like, a few kettlebells and dumbbell circuits on Youtube followed by Yoga. I can't get back into running, I don't know why, so I'm sticking with this current set up. It's actually something my husband and I are enjoying doing together. Credit to him, he's being a good motivator! 

Wake up Early

This has been my biggest one, I now aim to wake up between 5-5.30 am every morning (including weekends - unless I'm having a really late night). When I mentioned this on social media, I think many had thought I'd gone mad. But I know, for me, this has really impacted my productivity and wellbeing. I'm more organised and my mind is clear, feelings of being overwhelmed have disappeared as I'm already getting my to-do list done before the day has really begun. It's also been lovely to spend a bit of time, listening to a few podcasts with a cup of tea in peace before the rest of the house wakes!


Resetting old habits and making news is hard. It's why so many of us fail or have to do regular re-boots and that is ok. It's ok if you find it hard, what's not ok is giving up on living the life that you love and want. I accept that things won't always be easy. I accept that I want change in my life. I accept that these changes will not happen over time but I accept that I can and will make them.

Do you feel ready for a reset?

K Elizabeth xoxox

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