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Sunday 17 June 2018

Then There Was Ten #TheGerbilDiaries

This week, well past two months, have been incredibly busy. As a teacher, it's exam season and so work has been so full on, Jamie has just got a promotion which was a very stressful and long process in order for him to get it and of course the mortgage drama, which is now complete (yay!). So on Thursday night when I was putting Darcie to bed I was not expecting the events that occurred.

Darcie was emotional. Overtired but trying everything in the books to get out of going to bed on time. Through her tears and the list of reasons she couldn't possibly go to bed, I began to get a little distracted by some lustful gerbils, which amused me greatly because they're boys. I had never seen them behave in this way and was getting a little concerned when I heard lots of squeaking, I thought one of them was getting hurt! Then I saw something moving in the sawdust and what I saw had me stunned.

Eight bald little pups squeaking away and a mother and father building a nest for their babes. I have never been so shocked in all my life and if you're on Instagram I suggest you check out The Gerbil Diaries Insta Stories on my feed for my initial reaction.

I grabbed my phone took a snap and sent it to Jamie, who was at work, his reaction was just a simple text "WTF". Literally sums it up beautifully! The kids were highly excited and bedtime went from 7.30 to 9.30 in a blink of an eye whilst I frantically googled how on earth I was to look after these pups!

According to my research, all I have to do is handle them from around a week old to domesticate them and then to make sure they have enough food once they're ready to wean - mum and dad (which surprised me as I often thought you had to separate the males) do the rest.

It's really funny watching them, they're amazing creatures and I can't see why you'd choose a hamster over them. They have so much character, they're friendly and their family dynamics are just adorable. My only headache now is what we do once they're ready to leave home, I know my daughter will be crushed but obviously, we will end up with hundreds if we're not careful! For now, we are enjoying this special time, it's wonderful that the children get to experience this and see them grow, they are only three days old but they've already changed so much!

I'll keep you posted on their development and head over to my Insta stories for gerbil spam!

K Elizabeth xoxox


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