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Monday, 10 September 2018

10 Tips For Maximum Storage In A Small Bathroom

Bathrooms are generally small places with tons of function - some smaller than others. Fortunately, with the hacks we’ve put together below, you can make the most of your small bathroom.

You’ve updated your faucets and showers. After visiting certain shops to see Aqualisa showers range and finding one that will be perfect for your bathroom, you’ve taken notice of sample bathroom organisers that have inspired you to try to come up with something that will not only update the look of your bathroom but will also be functional. Here are some ideas you can try for to add more storage space to your bathroom.

1. Install a High Shelf

If you’re still running out of storage space, get creative. The space above the door barely gets used, but it can be the perfect place to store things you don’t need to grab every day. An extra high shelf can hold extra toiletries, spare toilet rolls or even air fresheners to keep the bathroom smelling sweet.

2. Create a Towel Rack

Try using a wine rack in a cubby insert or on the wall to hold rolled-up towels and freeing up enough space in your linen closet or cabinet.

3. Consider a Basket Shelf

Grab hold of an inexpensive crate or basket shelf and turn it on its side to create deeper storage. The top sides work well as a regular shelf and the open section lets you easily see what you’ve stored away.

4. Under-Counter Tension Rod

Take full advantage of under-the-sink cabinets by installing a tension rod on which you can suspend cleaning supplies and a pull-out draw for easy access to bits and pieces.

5. Try Tiered Storage

If you’ve already run out of counter top space, but you still want to display your nail polishes and makeup, go vertical. You can make your very own tiered caddy by stacking two plates with the help of a candle holder. Once you’ve put it together, spray paint the unit so it matches your bathroom d├ęcor.

6. Hang a Dual-Purpose Mirror

A two-in-one mirror is perfect for smaller bathroom spaces. When it’s close, the full-length mirror is handy for outfit checks, and when it’s open, the shelves can hold your necessary bathroom items.

7. A Magnetic Strip or Two

Bobby pins and other little bits and pieces are difficult to keep track of. So, grab a magnetic strip and stick it to the inside of a cabinet or on the side of a counter. Everything will stay attached to the strip and you won’t have to go hunting for those pins, nail clippers or tweezers!

8. Don’t Forget the Hooks

If you use a hot iron or hairdryer in the bathroom, you need somewhere safe to store it while it cools. Make use of adhesive hooks inside cabinet doors to keep hair tools organized and out of the way.

9. You’ll Need a Shower Organizer, Too

Shoe organizers work really well in your wardrobe, but they can work just as well in your shower. The individual pockets mean there can be a place for everything, and you can even use the holes near the top to connect the organizers to your shower curtain hooks.

10. Plant Holders

In a small bathroom, you need every bit of storage you can create. So, use a few repurposed wall-mounted plant holders to add decoration but also conceal bulky toiletries or hair tools.

Use the above 10 tips to create maximum storage in your small and nice-looking bathroom.

K Burgess xoxox

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