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Sunday, 9 September 2018

Top Tips on how to cope with Chicken Pox

Every time I see the dreaded Chicken Pox notice on our nurseries door I wonder if this will be the time that Henry comes down with it. They've had it a fair few times in his short little life but each time he's managed to miss it. Darcie, on the other hand, has been there and done that, but the notice reminded me that I should probably share some tips to cope. Because even though the thought us doing it all again with Henry makes me shudder there really are some simple things you can do to make it a little less stressful.

1. If your child starts to get hot, you will find they become itchier. Try and keep them as cool as possible, wearing loose clothing. I remember when I had them as a child I wanted to just be in my underwear as I was just so uncomfortable.

2. Use Care ViraSoothe, this is a gel spray that soothes the need to itch, by cooling and soothing unpleasant symptoms whilst helping to reduce scarring. Which we all know can be a danger when our little ones experience chicken pox. This can be applied to all of the body and from the age of six months with the aim of giving your child relief. Available at most pharmacies and supermarkets for £8.43. For more tips from Care Virasoothe click here.

3. If your child starts to get too uncomfortable and hurts, offer them a tepid bath and gently sponge down their spots. Remember not to use any bath products as this may irritate them further. Use a natural sponge or a bamboo cotton flannel (which are incredibly soft to touch). 

4. If they end up getting spots on their genitalia then perhaps opting for having nappy free time would be more comfortable.

5. We also used a baby brush with very soft bristles so we did not scratch Darcie's scalp when she had them. Chicken Pox has no limits and can often end up in their hair too. 

6. If your child get spots in their throat they may not feel like eating. Make sure they stay hydrated by offering ice lollies, smoothies, milkshakes or anything else that is cool and offers hydration

7. One of the best things you can do is offer distractions. Focus on your own child's likes. Whether its building a racing track, colouring in, reading books or watching their favourite films on repeat. They will be far more relaxed and less likely to itch! 

8. Remember every child reacts to chicken pox differently. Some will have every inch covered and others may get a handful of spots but it can really knock them out and even when the spots has scabbed over - just be mindful that they may still not be 100%.

Whilst these are some helpful tips to help your child cope with chicken pox, just remember it can take a lot out on you too. Make sure you have time to relax and recuperate in the evenings (if possible) too. My poor dad ended up getting chicken pox when both my brother and I had it too. As you can imagine my mum had her hands full!

Do you have any tips that parents should know on how to make chicken pox more tolerable?

K Elizabeth xoxox

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