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Saturday, 15 September 2018

3 Tips to Being Creative in Using Outdoor Tiles

One of the greatest ways of transforming your outdoor space is by using tiles. Beside their advantage of being easy to maintain and clean, they are durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. With proper designing, tiles can greatly complement your landscape and add elegance to your dining area, patio, or pool.

When it comes to exterior tiles, there seems to be endless ways in which you could utilize them creatively. From extending the interior look of your house to the patio area to matching with natural elements, you can get artsy with them. Here are some creative ways you can use these outdoor flooring materials.

1. Birdbath

A birdbath can become a focal point of your outdoor space if you give it a charming tile exterior. Whether you tile the bath on its own or with its stand, the end design can be appealing to any eye. You could also use tiles of different colors so that it doesn’t look boring.

For a terra cotta birdbath, you should install the tile after applying a terra cotta sealer. However, the rest of the tiling process is similar to that of a flowerpot. It involves troweling on thin-set mortar, applying small pieces of tiles, grouting, and finishing with a grout sealer.

2. Use Exterior Tiles Indoors

Days are gone when outdoor tiles were strictly meant for exterior spaces. Today, many homeowners are increasingly using these flooring materials indoors for the purpose of adding a touch of elegance and texture. The tiles also create a natural effect that is especially ideal for feature walls and fireplaces.

Using exterior tiles in your interior spaces adds texture and tone. It can also make a bold statement. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or drawing attention to your space, this effect can still work in your favor. It all depends on your texture and color choices and the amount of space you cover.

Using exterior tiles with a natural look can offset modern tiles and complement them to introduce a rugged character as well as character. Their stone look adds harmony to your space if you combine it properly with natural colors. Larger exterior tiles produce a bolder effect, while smaller ones a more subtle one.

3. Outdoor Planters

The reason why wooden outdoor planters for shrubs and flowers are popular DIY projects is that they’re cheap and easy to build. You can go an extra step with yours by adding tiles to its sides, giving it an elegant look. Certified outdoor porcelain tiles are suitable for this project since they can withstand extreme weather conditions better.

Avoid adhering the tiles directly to the wooden sides of the planter because when the wood contracts and expands with weather changes, your grout lines could have cracks. A better option is to screw cement boards to the wood. You can also use outdoor silicone caulk to keep water from getting into the cracks.


When it comes to transforming your outdoor space, you can creatively use exterior tiles in so many ways. Get artsy and make your outside look elegant by tiling your birdbath and outdoor planters. Contrastively, achieve some interesting effects indoors by using these exterior tiles.

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