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Wednesday 24 October 2018

Why a Clean and Tidy Home is Good for your Mental Health

If you're anything like me, then you may have Hinch fever. I have been following Mrs Hinch since she was at 12,000 followers and now she's at over a million. Which is slightly mind-blowing! Her humour an simple cleaning tips seem to motivate the usually unmotivated, including me. She definitely has some magic about her. 

With my anxiety levels being pretty high at the moment, usual everyday tasks always seem to overwhelm me and I really struggle to keep on top of things but keeping your home cleaning your home is so important for your health. Sloane and Sloane tub chairs put together this rather shocking infographic outlining just how important it is to have a clean and tidy home.  

Whilst these figures may overwhelm you, it certainly motivates me to make sure I keep on top of everything. Also, cleaning can actually be incredibly therapeutic and good for your mental health.

Studies have shown that women with high levels of cortisol, a hormone indicating stress, revealed that their houses were untidy. On the polar opposite, the women who were more comfortable and happy had more organized houses. This de-stressing also leads to a healthier body—eating more nutritious foods, getting better sleep, building your immune system, and being more active. I have to say, I completely agree! Nothing calms me more than coming home is a clean and tidy home.

The act of cleaning actually allows you to practice mindfulness and even meditation. It's something I practice regularly. Cleaning allows me to simply focus on one task and stops any intruding or worrying thoughts. 

A more organized and clean house can lead to more production, according to a Princeton study. You’re less stressed and more focused without distractions from clutter and dirt. With distraction, your mind can process at a faster pace.

I would love to hear your cleaning tips or if you've been swept up in the Mrs Hinch whirlwind.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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