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Friday, 1 February 2019

Words of Wisdom for Frustrated Bloggers

Blogging is fun. Blogging is profitable. Blogging is creatively engaging. Blogging is all of these things. However…Blogging can also be frustrating!

Do you agree? Are you a frustrated blogger? If so, you're not alone, but let's look at some of the biggest blogging frustrations to counter your negative feelings.

Frustration #1: Not knowing what to write about

Ah, the problem of the blank page. Sitting in front of your computer screen, your fingers poised for action, you quickly discover your brain isn't engaging with your physical posture. Just what are you supposed to write about?
Tip: Our first piece of advice is this: don't panic! We all get writer's block from time to time, but there are solutions. In fact, there are 17 solutions here, so if you have lost your mental mojo, there are ways to recover it before you give up on the idea of writing something entirely. And if you really are stuck, take a break for a short while to free your mind of stress, and/or commit to research online, look at other blogs that are similar to yours, and without plagiarising anybody, source inspiration for your own website.

Frustration #2: A lack of traffic to your blog

Do you ever wonder why you bother posting anything at all? If you are putting time and effort into writing something, but you aren't getting many visitors to your blog, then you might consider packing it all in and doing something else with your time, such as catching up with your Netflix box sets.
Tip: You know you exist on the internet, but if nobody is finding you, then you need to take steps to rectify the solution. After all, you don't want your hard work going to waste. For starters, promote your blog on your social media channels, link it in your posts, and encourage your legion of followers to spread the word about your blog. And then focus on your content marketing. Using the ideas in the linked article, you can easily raise further awareness about your blog online. With time and effort, you will eventually drive traffic your way, we promise!
Frustration #3: Dealing with technical issues
Why does your website keep crashing? Why aren't your plugins working? What is causing slowdown on your blog pages? These and other technical issues may well cause you to tear your hair out in frustration. We get it, we really do. Our answer? Well, other than turn your computer on and off (that sometimes works), consider the tips below.

Tip: There will be an answer to your problem, and if turning the computer on and off hasn't solved your issue (darn it), you might want to contact the technical helpline of your chosen blogging platform for specific support. Alternatively, do your research online about the problem in question, or contact maintenance experts, such as Wordpress-professionals Fixed who can deal with everything from WordPress PHP errors and bugs to security issues and malware. Do anything other than throw your computer out of the window with furious anger, as your technical issues will then become a lot more difficult to deal with!


Blogging doesn't have to be frustrating, as there are usually solutions to any problems you are having. We hope we have offered some words of wisdom here, but for any other frustrations you have, do your research online, or talk to fellow bloggers to receive their valued support. Let us know your thoughts too, especially if you have words of advice for any of our readers.
K Elizabeth xoxo

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