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Monday, 25 March 2019

Getting Your Child a Bike. What You Need to Know

Cycling is undoubtedly one of the best forms of exercise. And, it’s something that can be done as a family. Whether you like to get out into the countryside for long leisurely rides. Or, if you just like to get out to your local park on the weekend, getting your child a bike is an exciting time for them and for you as a family. We're currently in the process of looking for bikes for both our children.

Before, you rush off to your local bike shop, here are some things you should consider first. Including some tips on bike security, so you won’t wake up one morning to find that your child’s bike (and yours) has been stolen:

It’s never too early to start

If you love cycling and you want to pass this passion onto your child. Don’t worry you won’t have long to wait. Children as young as two years can start riding on a balance or strider bike. They are perfect for getting your child used to sitting on a bike and for mastering the balance they’ll need for bigger pedal bikes.

Make sure the bike is secure

Bikes aren’t cheap, even children’s bikes. They generally start at around £80 and can go up to £200 plus. So, you’ll want to make sure that they are securely stored. If you have the space, lockable bike storage sheds are a good investment. Or, if you are short on space, bike racks or stands are good for storing bikes off the ground and they’re also good for deterring thieves.

Get the right size

Children will need to feel confident on a bike if they are to enjoy cycling. Getting the right size bike is therefore key. While it can be tempting to get a bigger bike so they can ‘grow into it’. It’s better to get a slightly cheaper bike that is the right size for them, then spend more money on a bigger bike that they’ll struggle to handle.

If your child is between sizes, wait a few months and get them remeasured. By then they should the right height for the next bike size.

Don’t go overboard

Children’s bikes come in all shapes and designs, and while your child may want a bike that features their cartoon character or which has lots of decoration, it’s better to choose a bike which is practical rather than decorative.

Safety first

You’ll want to make sure your child is safe on their bike, particularly if they are new to cycling. While things like knee and elbow pads may seem like a good idea, they can restrict your child’s movement. However, it is important that your child wears a properly fitting cycle helmet every time they go out on their bike. Plus, make sure the seat is low to the ground, so if they do fall off, they don’t have far to fall.

Now that you’re fully armed with all the information you need to get your child a bike, you can look forward to taking part in many family cycling adventures.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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