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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Staying House-Frugal Even With A Disposable Income

Now and then, we might be lucky enough to find ourselves in a financially strong position. We might find ourselves with a good amount of disposable income thanks to our singular or pooled income with our partner. Also, now that cryptocurrencies have become more popular, more of us are finding ourselves better off due to trading and investing. It's become even easier now that automated trading systems are available - check out and similar websites to research into these. So, there are many people benefitting from this and enjoying a financially strong lifestyle. Of course, this might be before kids, but even with kids this can be a wonderful thing. However, should this mean you can head out at any opportunity and pay for whatever you can afford? Well, of course, if you feel like it.

But we’d recommend taking a few moments to sit back. To consider your long-term financial goals, and how you might stay house frugal even with a disposable income. Here you can use your funding to better the lifestyle changes you most want to see and build for, and those that leave the longest impact on your life for the better. Even with a disposable income, an inquiry like this can likely help you enjoy a better and more prominent sense of worth. Let us explore that together:

Love The Art Of Repair

Both those who possess a disposable income and those that don’t can both likely agree - we are living in a disposable world. A routine reaction to something breaking or becoming defunct is simply to replace it completely. We all expect to switch our smartphone at least once every three years. When something is close to being in a state of disrepair, we’re conditioned to think that we need to buy something new and replace it. Seasonal sales year round and product offerings can often confirm this.

But it’s worthwhile, especially if you’re a new homeowner, to learn how to repair things. Learning how to reupholster furniture, learning how to make the most from your leftovers, learning how to repair clothing or boots can go a long way in helping your items last longer. This allows your disposable income to free up for other pursuits, and that can only be a net positive in the long run. On top of that, repairing items can bring a sense of craftsmanship to that you own, it’s both an art and science you get to enjoy, which can only be a net positive in so many different and disparate ways.

The Art Of Meal Prep

Even those with a disposable income have one resource that is the same as anyone else, regardless of income. That’s the amount of hours they have in a day. It’s hard to meet someone who isn’t busy in the modern world, and for that it’s important to consider how saving time might be most important. If you’re going to save time, saving money could also be a good idea. This is where the art of meal prep comes in. Of course, a disposable income might be well-spent on meals out or takeout lunches, but sometimes, they can never scratch that itch of home cooking. Why not make two meals for the price of one, and enjoy one as your lunch the following day? Why not make a large recipe pot of whatever beautiful food you have, such as your own excellent chili, and freeze a large batch of it in segments? This way you can thaw and heat it in a moment’s notice, which could be great to provide your children with at their first jobs, or to simply help you enjoy a quick meal when working on something more important.

Value For Money

Staying house-frugal means considering the house and your property itself. It might be that when choosing real estate, you look further to try and find something that will better represent your tastes and interests. Value for money is a big deal, and sometimes, especially in the ever-overcrowded main cities, you can often waste your disposable income simply trying to live in a standard property for a price that could find you something much greater elsewhere.

Considering a house for sale in another country, such as a house for sale in Melaka, not only grants you access to a beautiful new home, but a new culture, a new way of life, a new community to greet. Cultural experiences and authentic enjoyment in a home life are the two things you cannot artificially stimulate no matter how much money you have, and as far as this is concerned, your value for money will be well kept.
With these tips, we hope you are better able to stay house frugal, even with that disposable income.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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