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Monday, 25 November 2019

Christmas Activities for Pre-Schoolers

Henry turned four in September and whilst most of his nursery friends trotted off to school Henry has to wait very patiently until next year to start “big” school. Recently he has taken a big interest in learning his letters, sounds, numbers and is getting more and more interested in things like crafting and reading. I have never been a big pushy parent when it comes to learning as I find children learn better when they’re ready and interested. We did this with Darcie and she is really thriving in school (she’s now in year 3!) she absolutely loves her maths and we've actually been looking at giving her maths tutoring as this is something that I’m most definitely not confident in!!

As Henry is following Darcie’s footsteps and becoming more and more interested in learning, I’m starting to put together more and more activities for him to do at home to help him get ready for school and with Christmas fast approaching I thought I would combine the two together.

In this post I will be sharing my favourite activities I have found from Pinterest along with two on my own activities that I have created and thought you might enjoy with your own children which I will share at the end along with printables.

Reindeer Food Writing Tray

Making reindeer food is a creat activity in itself. Add oats and glitter and you’re good to go. It also making for a fun activity to use to draw in. You can use it to write letters, numbers and shapes and is a fun way to learn letter and number formations. Still playing schools has a great post on this.

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Pom Pom Counting Tree

Combine colour recognition and counting with this fun Christmas activity. Easy to make and you could even make your own Pom poms (which are super fun to make - I will do another post on this). This fantastic idea comes fromTots Schooling.

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Air drying clay

This has been something we’ve done on numerous occasions and we actually made some this weekend. It’s something the whole family can do from mixing the ingredients, to cutting the shapes right through to decorating. I love this article by Jen at The Mad House.

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Christmas Tree Cutting Practice

This is something I made for Henry, he absolutely loves to cut things out (he particularly likes to make paper flags!) for him to try and hone in his cutting skills. As a lefty, he finds it quite challenging but he is doing so well! This sheet can be used to paint/decorate first and then the individual shapes can be cut, arranged and then stuck down to make your very own Christmas tree.

Number formation

The next sheet I made for Henry was a Christmas bauble number formation sheet. Very simple, can be printed multiple times and then coloured too - Henry has actually enjoyed completing this on the iPad too.

I would love to hear if you have used any on my sheets or your own favourite Christmas activity for pre-schoolers.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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