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Monday, 9 December 2019

Creating the perfect small children’s bedroom | Henry’s Bedroom update

With a brand new year on the horizon and my littlest turning five next year I know one job that is definitely going to have to be done... his big boy room! Henry has had his toddler bed since he was one and he definitely is looking a little squished in there at the moment. So I thought I would put together a post on how I plan to give him his big boy room but also plenty of space to play.


Unfortunately, Henry has been left with the typical third bedroom in a modern house. A box room. It is incredibly tiny and whilst at present it is working in terms of an area to sleep, play and store his things but with needing to upgrade his bed to a full size single I’m getting worried about how on earth I’m going to make everything fit.

Getting the storage right is so important, everything needs to have a place and actually Henry seems to enjoy his room so much more when he knows where everything is/goes (and it makes for tidying up a fairly straightforward task). Opting for something multifunctional is great for  home storage solutions when you’re working with a limited space. For example, beds with storage, or toy boxes that double up as seat are great additions. We think we will go for a cabin bed of some kind so he can either use the space underneath as storage or for play purposes.


Henry is a lover of all things Marvel and I think this is something we will use as our starting point. You can get some great wall stickers that peel off easily - great if you’re in rented accommodation or worried that they will out grow it too quickly. I plan of having some shelving where he can store and display his action figures and Lego collections - helping to create a themed bedroom but also doubling up as storage.

Get them involved

Children to love to be involved and I think its really important that they have a space they love and want to be in and that they take ownership in that. Both of my two love to paint when we decorate and as long as all surfaces are covered we let the help. It’s also a really good idea to talk through where they want everything so that they can also become independent in looking after and tidying their rooms. It’s important that our little ones learn that this is an important part of  play and what is played with must eventually be put away. We often try to turn tidying up into a game (apart of play). My two are quite competitive and so they love to see who can tidy up the fastest - but they have to be careful as if its not done properly points get deducted! This game gets so series I’m even told I have to use my phone as a stopwatch!!

I will be sharing his little transformation over on instagram, so make sure you’re following to see updates! I would love to hear your suggestions for getting the balance right when creating a very small bedroom, leave them below in the comments.

K Elizabeth xoxox

*Collaborative Post


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