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Wednesday 2 December 2020

Home Renovations To Consider That Won't Break The Bank

Most loan companies choose to lend money for a variety of reasons, one of the top ones being for home improvements. Renovations for your pad tend to be costly especially if you are going big in terms of your scheme of work. New kitchens, extensions, roofs, skylights, and electrical rewiring can cost a small fortune because you tend to need tradespeople to do the work for you. Labour costs can be extortionate and you may not have the cash available to undertake the work that you dream of doing.

Home renovations are no longer the sole realm of those with deep pockets. There are plenty of YouTube channels and vlogs out there with hints and tips to help you create stylish showhome looks on a shoestring budget. While there are plenty of poor tutorials out there, some do have merit. Simple things like adding cut to size splashbacks to your kitchen or replacing your bathroom tiles can go a long way. There are ways that you can carry out home renovations that won’t break the bank but that will give your home the inspiring new look that you crave.

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A brand new kitchen can cost the Earth. With fitting and labour and new appliances that are integrated you could be looking at a five figure sum. This is a brand new car cost! Instead, you need to consider ways of slashing the costs of a new kitchen. If your units a structurally sound, think about getting in touch with a kitchen door company and swapping your shaker style frontage for a spot of ultra modern high gloss. It doesn’t matter what new look you want to go for, there will be doors out there to lift your kitchen and give it a new vibe. These doors can be made to measure and will make your entire kitchen appear brand new.

If the units are over a decade old and you are in desperate need of a new kitchen, don’t pop to a showroom and buy one off the shelf. Enquire about any ex-display kitchens that may be available. You might not have the wide variety of choice that you crave, but an ex-display kitchen can cost up to half the recommended retail price of the equivalent brand new one. The drawers and doors may have been opened a few thousand times but it will be in perfect working order. All you need to pay for is the fitting (or you could even do this yourself with some guidance from Youtube!)


If you want to create a larger living space to be the central hub of your home, you probably yearn for an open plan kitchen diner. Extending out into your garden is a great idea if you have the finds but this can be expensive. Adding square footage to your pad will increase its value but can be tricky on a shoestring budget. Instead, consider knocking through a wall to join up two rooms. By configuring this to be your large open plan kitchen diner, you are making your property fit for twenty first century living.

Even a load bearing wall that requires a steel reinforced joist being knocked down will be considerably cheaper than extending your home. By utilising cheaper paints, second hand vintage furniture, and cheaper kitchen remodelling options, you can craft a new living space on a budget.

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The exterior of your home is often overlooked when it comes to home renovations. However, this cheaper area to renovate can create a lasting impression for visitors and passers-by alike. If your render is looking grubby, whip out the bright white render paint and give it a fresh new look. If you are blessed with a driveway, consider power washing the brickwork or paving and weeding between the cracks. Hide your bins away and give your lawn a good mow.

If you have a garden area, ensure that you fill your borders with plants. If heading to a nursery to pick up some wonderful shrubs and foliage sounds too expensive, consider the old school and more satisfying way of growing from seed. A little more temperamental but infinitely cheaper, you can pick up flower seeds for pennies. Sow them where you’d like to see the plants based on colour, height, and soil type and your front garden could come into bloom within a few months.

Renovating your home may seem like a costly venture. While it can be if you opt for laborious and expensive fixtures and fittings, you can find alternatives to make your makeover plans a lot less stressful on your pocket. Follow this guide and you can carry out home renovations without breaking the bank.

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  7. This article provides practical and budget-friendly home renovation ideas to enhance living spaces without breaking the bank. Some tips include painting, DIY projects, flooring, cabinet upgrades, lighting, energy efficiency, second-hand furniture, and bathroom updates. wall hung bidet toilet


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