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Monday 15 February 2021

Tips to Make Your House Warmer

In the winter months, you might find yourself and your family are shivering often, even when you are at home. Even if you are wearing thick socks and cosy jumpers or boiling the kettle for constant hot water bottles, you might not be warm enough. Nobody wants to feel cold while they are at home, so here are three methods that will make your home warmer.

Block Out Any Draughts

It is easy to overlook draughts at home. You might even forget they are there. Maybe you subconsciously avoid sitting in a particular seat because you know there is a chill, or maybe you just turn the thermostat up a couple of degrees to try and warm up the house. This is not only wasteful, it is just plain pointless. Why spend money and energy heating up the house when there is a cold breeze or draught coming in?

One of the simplest ways to warm up your home is to eliminate this problem. Check around windows and doors in particular, as these are key spots for draughts to occur. You could replace caulking around windows or just buy a simple pack of draught-excluding tape – it takes very little effort to install and can make a big difference. You could use an animal-shaped draught excluder for your children’s bedrooms. They look like toys but will keep your kids warm and prevent breezes, keeping everyone happy.

Insulate Your Loft

Heat rises, so if your loft is not properly insulated, a huge amount of heat will be rising up and out of your house rather than staying in the property.

Installing proper insulation can be a bit of effort – if you have problems with damp or a flat roof, you may need to bring in an expert. For most people, though, it is easy enough to install loft insulation yourself. You just need to buy a few rolls of loft insulator and lay it between the rafters and along the ceiling joists in the loft.

Loft insulation will keep your house warm, but it will also save you energy and money – it could actually save you up to £250 a year on your heating bill, so it’s definitely worth the effort.

Install Better Radiators

If your radiators are old, they probably are not fit for purpose any more. Radiator pipes can easily rust, and rusty pipes leads to a build up of sludge. When the pipes are full of sludge, radiators cannot heat rooms efficiently. This means you might be turning up the thermostat or keeping the heating on for longer than necessary.

High-quality radiators make an enormous difference to the warmth of your home, as do radiators that are the right size for a room. Too small and you will not be able to warm the entire room; too big and you will use unnecessary energy. You can buy a variety of horizontal and vertical column radiators from, and they come in different sizes and styles to suit any room in any house.

Bonus tip: Avoid putting furniture directly in front of a radiator – it will prevent the heat from properly circulating.

When you think about it, it is easy to see why your home is not as warm as you would like. Make these changes and see the difference it makes to the warmth of your home – you will be glad you did.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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