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Tuesday 16 February 2021

Find Time For Style As A Busy Mum

When you are a busy mum trying to wrangle your kids every morning for school and other activities, fashion is likely the last thing on your mind. We all know how difficult staying stylish can be when you become a mum; and the winning combo of a jumper and a messy bun is often a go to choice.

However, today we want to help make fashion easier for you as a busy mum - and show you how you can indeed stay in style even with the kids to consider. Use our tips to look fresh and fabulous every day and improve your confidence this year.

 Store outfits together

One of the first hacks to try this year to make styling yourself a little less stressful is to store your outfits together in the wardrobe or cupboard. If you have an outfit such as a shirt and skirt that you love wearing together; hang these up together or fold them together for easy access. By having ready made outfits there to choose from; it will make the process of getting dressed much easier in the morning.

Natural glow makeup

If you are looking to get that fresh faced look every morning for the day ahead - you can achieve this in less than 10 minutes. Use a CC cream to provide a flawless base, set with powder, and add a small amount of bronzer and highlighter to your cheeks. Then, use the bronzer as a natural eyeshadow, apply some mascara, and you are ready to go!

Organise by colour

One of the best ways to organise your fitted wardrobes is by colour. Consider bringing some easy organisation to your wardrobe by hanging things and folding things of the same colour together. When looking for something to wear it is much easier to look through if your black items are all in one place. It’s a simple trick that should help you be more conscious of your clothing.

Plan out the night before

One easy way to make your fashion choices less stressful is to lay out your outfit the night before. Instead of waiting until the morning when you are wrestling the kids to get ready for the day; wait until just before bed and pick out an outfit for yourself with accessories ready for the morning. You’ll immediately be more fashionable by completely this step and it will make you feel more confident and happy every day.

Take advantage of hair hacks

One of the best ways to make yourself look and feel better each day is to have your hair ready to go on a whim. Hair hacks are super easy and they will save you time and effort but allow you to have a stunning mane for the day ahead. One simple hack is to braid your hair the night before for effortless beach waves for the day. You can also try things such as a 5 minute hair curling hack, heatless curls, and simple blow out hacks.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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