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Wednesday 24 March 2021

Fun Family Holiday Ideas Right Here in the UK

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People in the UK are getting ready to enjoy holidays at home. Whether you choose a true staycation and have some nice day trips from home or you travel elsewhere in the UK, there's nothing wrong with sticking closer to home. It might not be as hot as Spain or Florida, but you can still discover plenty of fun, family-friendly things to do. It's your chance to explore the country in new ways and get to know your own home better. But where should you go and what should you do if you're planning on a holiday in the UK?

Go Adventuring on the Welsh Coast

Wales has a lot to offer and it can be a particularly exciting place to holiday if you're looking for an adventure. If you're a family that loves the great outdoors, the Welsh coast can offer you some fun things to see and do. Maybe take a trip to Pembrokeshire to walk along the coast or go kayaking. St Davids, the smallest city in the UK, is a good choice for adventuring too. You'll find all kinds of activities, from coasteering to climbing and surfing. There are things for all ages to do, so you can discover family-friendly holidays everywhere.

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Walk Through the Lake District

A walking holiday is an excellent way to explore the UK as a family. You can adjust it to suit the abilities of everyone and you'll be able to see lots of places. If there's one place you don't want to miss out on for a walking holiday, it's the Lake District. It's a beautiful region and it's ideal for walking. There are walks of all difficulties and lengths, so you can find options that are suitable for your family. Even walking with babies and young children is possible.

Explore the History of Scotland

We've got plenty of history in the UK, and finding out more about it is one way to enjoy a holiday. Families that love to learn might enjoy various different regions, but Scotland could be the place to be if you're looking for history. In particular, there are lots of Scottish castles, which all offer something different. It's a fascinating thing to do for adults and children can find entertainment too. A lot of castles will have fun visitor activities, including plenty for kids to do so that everyone can have a good time.

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Try Out a New City

Some families aren't so keen on the outdoors, and that's okay. If your family is more interested in towns and cities, you might want to spend some time exploring a new city instead. Consider visiting a different part of the country or even just getting to know the nearest city to your home. There's usually plenty to do, whether it's going to museums or finding family-friendly activities. Some families might like spending their holiday trying out new restaurants or looking for local parks.

You don't have to leave the UK to enjoy a family holiday. There are plenty of fun things to do without ever leaving the country.

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