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Monday 1 March 2021

Home Improvements To Keep You Busy During Lockdown

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Being able to spend more time at home due to the pandemic can also be advantageous at times, when it enables you to do some home improvements. There are always jobs that need doing, especially when you are a busy mum with two little ones and a husband to look after. Having the opportunity to freshen up certain areas of your home is always welcome.

Revamp The Room With Colour

Freshening up the walls in a different colour is an instant way to make the room feel bright and new. After a while the initial shade on the walls can fade, particularly on sunny days. Also everyday wear and tear can have an effect. So it is always nice to update the colour. You might also feel like creating a new look in the room by opting for a different colour and rearranging the furniture.

New Flooring

If you are fed up with looking at a tired looking carpet or do not like the look of your vinyl flooring anymore, then now is the time to change it up. Carpets can certainly wear down after heavy use, for example on the staircase. No matter how many times you hoover or clean it, sometimes it is necessary to change it to keep you home looking lovely.

Upgrade Your Doors

Doors can provide a great vocal point, particularly if you have an open plan lounge which leads to the dining room and want to separate the two spaces occasionally, with foldable or sliding doors. Folding Doors 2 U provides an array of sliding doors, made out of various materials which can be tailored to suit your needs.

Tackle That Mouldy Grouting

Over time the grouting in the bathroom can start to mould, if it is constantly wet and not wiped down after use. So when black spots start to appear, you know it is time to tackle it. It is easy to obtain some new grouting from a DIY shop. You just need to apply a new layer to the existing one which will instantly brighten up your bathroom tiles and make it look like new again.

Lighten Up The Space

Replacing your light fixtures can instantly change how the room feels and looks. Whether it is the ceiling light or adding freestanding or smaller lamps, scattered around the room can create a lovely, warm, new look, without spending too much.

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Bring The Outdoors Inside

Flowers and indoor plants can instantly brighten up a room with their lovely fragrant, colourful petals. Evergreen plants provide a much needed nature boost indoors, during all seasons.

Wash The Windows

It might not be a job that you do often, but washing down the window panes and glass will make them sparkle again. When the long drawn out sunny days arrive, they will be on display a lot more, so you do not want to be distracted by smeared glass or stained window panes.

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