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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

3 Important Things To Assess For Your Family Home

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Your home is where memories get made, your children grow up, take their first steps and say their first words. It is your safe space and where you feel most calm and happy. When you have a family there are things you will need to assess regularly to make sure your home is serving your family in the best possible way.
The first thing you will want to look at is insurance, you will already have it. But as your family grows, new things are brought into the house, you may need more space and have an extension or extra room added onto the house for the arrival of another bundle of joy. So making sure you assess your insurance is important. Things to consider are what has changed since you were last quoted, have you brought any new high price items that need to be covered as well as looking to find out more about what options are available and are you getting the right price for what you need. Insurance is a basic thing to have and can be such a help if anything ever happens and you need to use it.

Another thing you will want to assess regularly is the safety aspects of your home. Depending on the age of your children there are different things to consider. When they are just starting to crawl is one of the biggest times you will need to look at. Plug sockets will need to be covered, sharp edges will need to have corner guards on them, you will need to make sure there are no wires that they can easily get to or grab and so much more. It doesn’t stop there once they are tall enough to get in cupboards and on top of kitchen counters, you will need to assess again. Are they able to reach the hobs, are there any knife blocks or dangerous items close enough for them to reach as well as having cupboard locks so they can’t get in any dangerous cupboards with cleaning products or other harmful items.

The last thing you will want to regularly assess for your family home is the utility bills. As your family gets bigger and more grown-up, more things are used by everyone. Your electricity will be used for more devices, you will need to heat more of the house and will be using a lot more water from baths, showers and cleaning the neverending pile of laundry. Check-in with your providers and check you are on the most affordable plan for your needs and always look around at other providers in case they offer something cheaper.

These 3 things are really important to help your family home run smoothly, efficiently all while saving as much money as you can. Families are expensive so cutting costs where you can is very important. It will save time so you can enjoy life, do things to make more happy memories and spend quality time with the people you love.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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