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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

What Body Shape Am I, And What Should I Wear?

Confidence in a plus size dress comes down to knowing your body shape and being able to make style decisions that will make you feel confident. Here is a handy guide to help you identify your body type, so if you're feeling overwhelmed by your choice of clothing, you know exactly where to begin to identify items that will highlight your favourite features.

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Apple-shaped body

Apple-shaped people tend to have shapely legs, a full bust, and a wide centre. A fuller figure is similar to the size of the chest, waist and legs.

Tips for the best apple dressing:

Embrace those curves. Reduce the tone of the abdomen and choose styles that highlight the waist, such as tunic dresses and high-rise jeans.

Diamond-shaped body

A diamond-shaped body is where the waist is usually the widest part of the body, and the bust and shoulders are slightly smaller than the hips. With well-proportioned legs and arms, this oversized figure is most suitable for wearing when the waist is defined and the shoulders increase in volume.

Important tips for wearing diamonds:

Look for items that can lengthen the body, outline the waist, and increase the volume of the shoulders. Slim-fit straight-leg pants and dark colours for the lower body. Choose bright colours with belts and short sleeves.

Hourglass figure

The hourglass figure has a well-defined waist, well-proportioned chest and hips and round buttocks, creating a naturally balanced figure. Tight clothing looks great in an hourglass shape, so trust your curves.

Hourglass dress secret:

Most things are suitable for hourglass people, but if you want to hug your curve, a fitted dress with a bow at the waist will make you look charming and it will create an alluring silhouette.

Inverted triangle shape

The inverted triangle shape is typically heavier on top, with wider shoulders and narrower hips and legs. Balancing the body by adding the illusion of volume and curve at the bottom is a great way to highlight this beautiful oversized body.

An important tip for what to wear as an inverted triangle:

Activewear is suitable for this shape, which is usually more sporty. Wear clothing that highlights your hips, or bold, patterned clothing with an open neckline or lace-up top to minimize your shoulder width without reducing your natural curves and bust. Avoid shoulder pads or decorations around the shoulders.

Pear-shaped body

The pear-shaped body usually has a small bust, a narrow waist, and a curved lower body.

Important tips for pear shape trimming:

The most important thing about pear shape is balance. Use horizontal stripes, patterns or decorations to highlight your upper body. Keep dark and straight lines for the lower body to balance your body shape.

Rectangular body type

The rectangular body type is rectangular because the shoulders are usually the same width as the hips. A small bust and an indefinite waist complete the shape, which is best seen by accentuating curves and avoiding straight lines.

Important tips for rectangular styling:

Look for ways to create more feminine curves and silhouettes while avoiding straight lines. A fitted suit jacket with shoulder pads adds clarity, and details around the chest and shoulders with low-rise jeans or a corset pencil skirt that can change the rectangular shape, allowing you to wear it with the utmost confidence.

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