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Friday 7 January 2022

How To Style Stackable Rings

A trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is stackable rings. Rings have always been a staple of the accessorising wardrobe because they add a pop of colour or elegance. What makes stacking rings fun, though, is that you can wear chunky bold rings, with smaller more delicate rings. 

So here are some tips for creating your perfect ring stack!

Photo by Joel Ambass on Unsplash

Mixing metals

You can often buy premade stacks that are all of one metal, although you can now find mixes of metals, colours, and even beaded rings in premade stacks. 

Mixing metals can help you switch up your style or match some of your rings to the rest of your outfit. There aren’t any rules to your ring stack; you can personalise it with gold, silver, steel, colours metals, brushed metals and even throw in some expensive rings. 


Using bright and vibrant stones, both real and fake, can add some gorgeous colours to your ring stack. Dress rings make the perfect addition to your ring stack. They aren’t usually as expensive as the more traditional wedding bands and engagement style rings, so you can splash out on a few in the colours you want.

Adding black and red can make your ring stack look perfect for an evening occasion, while light yellows and greens will look dainty and spring-ready. Check out the ultimate guide to dress rings to find your ideal match!


It is a great idea to mix the textures and the sizes of your rings. A few chunky rings with words or large stones on, combined with some slimmer thin bands, can make the chunky rings stand out - while letting the smaller rings still have their moment.

Work meetings (depending on your industry) or times where you want to look chic and sleek usually call for stacks that are only made up of slimmer bands. 


As you put your ring stack together, try not to put rings on every finger. Stacks on all fingers can detract from the beauty of each of the individual pieces and make them look overworked.

Try to balance your right stack across three fingers and incorporate the thumb on the one hand for a more intentional look.

When it comes to mixing your metals, a single gold ring surrounded by gold might look out of place. However, several of each will look like an intentional mixing of the different metals. It is also good to have some transitional colours like rose gold to soften the difference between gold and silver.

Don’t just stack rings above the first knuckle on your finger, instead look for smaller sized rings that sit further up the finger. Doing this will give you more room to play with and also means that if you have a theme with your rings, you can add or move with ease. 

Get creative

Ring stacks are a place where you can get creative with colours, styles, textures and size. You can add one extra chunky ring to your middle finger and then use that as the focus point.

Accessories can be a great starting point for you to play with fashion in other ways; read more: Find Time For Style As A Busy Mum | K Elizabeth.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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