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Thursday, 31 March 2022

Getting Ready for a Ski Holiday? 4 Things that You Mustn’t Forget

Although all trips are totally fun and educational, there is always the bittersweet feeling of having to pack and not forget anything. Especially since we’re talking about ski holidays, meaning that you are about to travel during winter months, you have to take the weather into consideration while packing.

It is this fear of forgetting essential things that leads many travellers to procrastinate packing their suitcase. Then, the fact that they’ve left this crucial task for the last minute stresses them out so much that they actually forget important stuff. In order for you to escape this fate, you will find 4 things that you should not forget to do before leaving for your ski holidays.

Book your ski passes

One of the things that will skyrocket your enthusiasm for your trip and will take away the stress of waiting in queues and being disappointed because you are not allowed access to a cool place is to book a ski pass in advance. All ski resorts you can find on Erna Low offer a great variety of ski passes. No matter what your circumstances or your requests are, you will definitely find the right pass for you. Booking your ski pass in advance guarantees that you will not waste time waiting for no reason.

Pack warm clothes

It might sound silly but if you are going on a ski holiday, you should prioritise warmth to stylish outfits. It is important to note that ski clothes can be pretty fashionable and you can buy those that match your sense of style. However, you should make sure that you buy some basic ski clothes even if you are not planning on skiing, as they manage to keep you warm even if you are just standing outside. You shouldn’t forget buying thermal underwear and base layers, a ski jacket, scarves and gloves.

Body Care Products

Winter is equal to strong winds and cold temperatures. This type of weather irritates and dries human skin. You should make sure that you have skin care products that soothe and pamper your skin. What kind of products do that? Face creams and masks, body moisturisers, lotions, serums, scrubs and oils can make a huge difference in your skin.

One product that you shouldn’t forget is sunscreen. You should wear sunscreen every day all year round because UV light can be dangerous even in winter, regardless of the sun being hidden behind clouds.

Ski Gear

Although all resorts have a shop where you can buy or rent equipment, it is more economical and safe to use your own ski gear. Especially if you are an experienced skier, there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in good gear. You should make sure that you bring your skis, ski poles and boots. If you are a snowboarder, then you need your snowboard and the equivalent boots. Regardless of your sport of choice, when you are in a piste, you must wear goggles, a helmet and a hydration pack.

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