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Thursday, 31 March 2022

4 Interesting Facts about Leeds

Leeds is a city that deserves to be more talked about. It is close to Manchester, but it is more populated than Manchester. People gravitate towards Leeds because of its architectural beauty and its rich history. Not to mention the numerous and diverse cultural and entertainment options that it offers to its residents all year round.

Leeds is located in West Yorkshire, in the northern part of England. It is one of the biggest cities in this area and this is why you will definitely need a car if you want to take full advantage of your time there. A car from Enjoy Travel guarantees that you will travel comfortably and that you will safely reach every destination in the city. Do you want to impress the driver with your knowledge about Leeds? If yes, keep reading.

Fact 1: The first film was shot in Leeds

The French artist and inventor Louis Le Prince is the one to film the first ever motion pictures. He was working in the United Kingdom and in the United States in his attempts to perfect motion pictures. He succeeded on 14 October 1888 when he managed to shoot a sequence of pictures of a family in the Roundhay Garden in Leeds. A few months later, he shot one more film documenting the traffic as cars and pedestrians were seen crossing Leeds Bridge.

It is worth mentioning that Louis Le Prince did not receive the public attention he deserved as he mysteriously disappeared. There are still conspiracy theories about what may have happened to him.

Fact 2: Famous Loiners

Many people from Leeds have managed to impact the whole world with their work. Benjamin Henry Latrobe was an architect from Leeds, but he is famous for contributing to the creation of famous American buildings, like the Capitol and the first Roman Catholic Cathedral. James Henry Atkinson was the ironmonger who invented the Little Nipper, the mouse traps we still use today. Alan Bennett is loved and appreciated in the British world of arts as he is a talented actor and playwright.

Fact 3: One of the largest parks in Europe

Roundhay Park is a huge park with lakes and woodland. It has a rich history as it was created by William the Conqueror and it was used as a hunting grounds for royals. Nowadays, residents and tourists can wander around this spectacular park, have a picnic and enjoy their time there.

Fact 4: Leeds West Indian Carnival

The West Indian Carnival in Leeds is the one with the longest history as it has been going on since 1967. It lasts three days. Parades are held with impressive floats and dancers performing in the streets. Emphasis is given on the Caribbean music and costumes. Due to Covid, the carnival had to readjust and it has become a virtual event.

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