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Monday, 4 April 2022

5 Tips For Planning a Unique Tour in Greece

Summer is right around the corner and travel agencies have already started promoting their summer holiday packages.

This article will be your sign to start working on your deals and packages as travellers and tourists all around the world seem impatient to travel again and enjoy life despite – or maybe because of – all the major political and social events that are going on. In order to distract your clients from all the tragic events and provide them a bit of solace in travelling, you need to come up with a totally unique tour. Greece is an easy choice as it is the perfect summer destination. But how are you supposed to move on from there? Below you will find 5 tips to help you. 

Tip 1: A tour operator

Greece may be a small country, but it offers a plethora of different landscapes and touristy activities – it is not all lying on the beach and partying even though it is totally doable. If you want to give your travellers a genuine taste of what it means to indulge in Greek culture and way of living, you should have a DMC in Greece like Travelway Europe so that you fill your travel plan with extraordinary and spectacular activities.

Tip 2: Know each group’s needs

In order for the tour operators of a Destination Management Company to do their jobs excellently, they need to be informed about any special needs or requests that members of the travel group may have. For example, if there are children in the group, the tour operator must adjust their plan to this piece of information by not allocating too much time at museums, including frequent stops throughout the day and coming up with children-targeted fun activities because otherwise they will get bored and petulant.

Tip 3: Know each member’s interests

Knowing what the group likes makes it easier for the tour operator to assess which touristy activities the group will enjoy and which not. For example, a group of people who enjoy being outside and spending their time in physical pursuits should not spend a whole day going from one museum to another. On the contrary, they should be climbing mountains or doing water sports.

Tip 4: Sea or mountain lovers?

Besides the determination about the type of activities that will be included in the final travel planner, it is important for the tour operator to know what type of travellers the members of the group are so as to choose the best places for them to visit in Greece. For example, if they are sea lovers, exploring the Cyclades by yacht sounds fun.

Tip 5: Do not skip meals

Greece is famous for its delicious local cuisine so it’s important for travellers to taste as many Greek dishes and snacks as possible. This will happen only if they have a lot of time at their disposal to enjoy their food. You should keep in mind tip 2 and let any person with unique dietary habits know about all the potential dangerous ingredients in a dish and recommend alternative options.

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