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Tuesday, 5 April 2022

The Most Interesting Entertainment Venues in Camden

London is a cosmopolitan city that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Its multicultural nature, its art and history make it stand out.

If you find yourself there, it is very unlikely that you won’t hear about Camden or that you won’t spend at least one day exploring the particular exciting area. It is so full of culture, life and opportunities to have fun that you will not want to leave.

What are some fascinating spots in Camden that you must visit? You will find just a few of the favourite and most popular places in the article below.

Shop at Camden Market

What better way to start any day by strolling around more than one thousand stalls and shops? Camden Market consists of several markets that give the chance to visitors to buy vintage and fashionable clothes, accessories and whatever they might desire at affordable prices compared to the rest of London. And if you get tired from all the walking and shopping, there are many cosy and cool coffee shops and restaurants offering a great variety and high-quality food and drinks.

Drink the Best Tea

Have you been sick and tired of being served or ending up buying mediocre tea? The Yumchaa shop brings an end to this problem. It started as a market stall that offered the very best loose leaf tea. And since so many tea lovers adored it, they created their own tea shop in Camden while they also have an online shop so that people from all parts of the UK and the whole world can enjoy excellent tea.

Play Crazy Golf

Besides tea drinking, playing crazy golf is another activity that Londoners, and British people in general, love doing. Crazy golf in Camden is a popular pastime as there are challenging courses for people of all ages while also players can grab a refreshing drink or a bite to eat before, during or after their game. Not to mention the creative and fun way that those venues are decorated.

Pay a Visit to Cecil Sharp House

Camden is famous for its music tradition. Folk music is the predecessor of all kinds of music. If you would like to learn more about folk music and dance in England, you can simply visit the Cecil Sharp House. Even if you are not interested in learning more about the history of the genre, you can book a place to attend a gig or a concert.

Go to The Jazz Café

Another music-related place that everyone should visit in Camden is The Jazz Café. It is the ideal place for people who love and know all about jazz. However, there are days that other kinds of genres are played, like soul or reggae, thus it gives opportunities to expand your music tastes. Of course, beside the music, emphasis is given on food and drinks as the menu there is splendid and visitors should definitely go there for dinner.

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