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Thursday, 21 July 2022

3 Charming Lodging Options for Your Next Short-Stay Trip

When planning your next short-stay trip, one of the important aspects of your planning should focus on your accommodation. Although over 24 million trips were taken in 2019 with hotels or motels being used as accommodation, there are other amazing lodging options that will make your trip more enjoyable! Fortunately, no matter your destination, you are bound to find several of these alternative lodging options in the area. That being said, here are some fantastic lodging alternatives to consider.

Boutique hotels

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Living in a grand hotel seems like a great place to stay when on holiday. However, this is not the case for everyone. A boutique hotel will be your best option if you want to avoid large chain hotels for something more catered and tailored to your needs. They are much smaller than standard hotels, with roughly 100 rooms in total, and they are typically located within or near popular destinations. Most boutique hotels are close to shopping centres, restaurants, and bars, so you can explore the area without worrying about being too far from your “home.”

Boutique hotels also offer amenities and services to guests that other chains do not have time to provide. Apart from giving you a personalised experience, some of these hotels have pet-friendly services and use top-quality items to differentiate themselves from the other hotels.


Inns are great lodging options for short-stay trips. They are much smaller than standard hotels and are usually operated by individuals or families. What sets inns apart from other lodging options is that they provide guests with a homey and warm feel. Although they don’t provide as many amenities as other types of accommodation, most inns provide coffee, internet, and breakfast services. Some inns offer a wide range of on-ground activities, including personalised wedding services. This accommodation type is a perfect choice if you are looking for a home away from home. It’s also an excellent place to stay if you’re visiting a small town or village and want to immerse yourself in the culture and feel of the location. Areas like Northumberland have some of the best inns for visitors, so if you are planning a trip around that area, check out accommodation in Northumberland for inns that suit your needs.

Pop-up hotels

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For many travellers, going on a short or long holiday involves staying in a standard hotel. However, a new trend of pop-up hotels has captured the attention of many travellers looking for a unique and immersive travel experience.

Pop-up hotels are the latest travel accommodation trend that offers temporary lodging to guests for a short period. This living style makes it an extremely suitable option for people going on short-stay trips. If you’re a traveller who enjoys joining in new experiences or wants to visit a unique and remote location, this accommodation is suitable for you.

With these amazing suggestions, you can now turn your short-stay holidays into more fun and personalised experiences. The next time you plan a short weekend away, ensure that you stay in any of these options.

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