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Thursday, 21 July 2022

Exploring moral values with your child

Exploring moral values is something every parent needs to do with their child. It helps build character and a foundation for the kind of life they’ll lead. Moral values teach children the difference between right and wrong in order for them to make the best life decisions as well as living harmoniously amongst other people. Social and communication skills are developed through this which will benefit them through academic life and into their adulthood. This is the responsibility of parents to implement as soon as a child is able to understand. Here are some ways to get started.

Be kind and helpful. 

This goes without saying. A basic value to have to be a good person. This is a skill that will never leave and will be needed for the rest of your life. Treating others right with respect will be expected through younger ages too so encouraging your child to be fair and just will be helpful to both children and adults. In order to help them understand better, refer to people they know or look up to.

Listening to others. 

No one likes being talked over or completely ignored. Not only is it rude but it’s a quality no one will tolerate for long. Teach your child how to be patient and to take turns when it comes to speaking. Remind them that they will always get the chance to speak and to be kind about it. Listening attentively should also be taught. Ensure they put effort into making the speaker feel heard and understood, which is a skill used in both school and the workforce.

Accepting responsibility.

 No one likes a tell-tale or a liar. These terrible habits stem from those who struggle to acknowledge and accept responsibility for their actions. If your child is in a disagreement, ensure they talk it out and apologise for their wrongdoing. This will teach them how to respect others.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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