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Friday, 22 July 2022

How to raise a resilient child

Resilience. The dictionary defines it along the lines of the ability to recover quickly from difficulties. Whilst this is something that is expected to be innate, it usually is the opposite and has to be taught from a young age. Children aren’t excused from the hardships brought onto them from both home and classroom, so, parents and teachers alike should do their best to help young one's power through. Moving schools to dealing with bullies can be some reasons your child needs to resilient enough to move forward. The good news is, resilience can easily be taught and is built overtime. It helps with stress, anxiety and emotional pain that may need some time and care to heal from. Read on for some tips on raising a resilient child.

Help your child have a strong network. 

Family and friends are more than just people in your life, they are also a support system. The importance of engaging and interacting with others will help your child listen better and become more empathetic. A strong social network also helps teach skills of resilience.

Teach your child self-care.

 A good routine is healthy given that most children crave it and use it as a coping mechanism. Self-care travels alongside with allotted times made for studies, friends and personal time. This is a great way to teach your child how to cope when they reach times that may feel overwhelming.

Keep things in perspective for your child. 

Even when things seem to be getting hard, always show them a way out and that it’s never a permanent fix. Help your child trust themselves and think positively so they are able to rely on themselves when it comes to dealing with hurdles.


It’s inevitable and something that needs to be learnt, understood and accepted. Change can make people shy away but having an open mind no matter what it is will help build a major level of resilience.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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