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Thursday, 21 July 2022

Is your garden BBQ ready?

The weather is heating up and the days are long and bright. It's already clear what it’s a sign for. Barbecues. Everything about a barbeque from its smell to the preparation reminds us of Summer and for the people of Britain, it is almost vital to have as soon as the sun starts showing us its face. However, given that the dull days last much longer in this side of the planet, your garden may be in need of some care to get prepared to host for these outdoor fiestas. Take pride on both your food and your space and give it some TLC to make it a barbeque your family will be begging to experience again. Here are some tips from a builder's merchant in Berkshire on getting your garden ready.

Give the lawn some love. 

A healthy lawn can transform a garden without even touching anything else. Trimming your lawn if it is overgrown and unkept and be sure to trim the edges too for a sharp finish. If your lawn is looking quite lifeless and yellow, give it some treatment, there are one’s that can be done even a few days before you host.

Tidy up the patio or decking. 

A good jet wash will give it a brand-new feel by removing the build-up grown over the colder months. De-weed the garden to keep the sharp aesthetic going and ensure flower beds are looking well. Every little detail makes the biggest difference, especially in an outdoor space.

Upgrade your garden furniture. 

One of the best ways to have an enjoyable outdoor experience is having something cosy to lounge about on. Most of the time spent will be sat down so ensure there is enough seating for everyone. Don’t forget to use lighting to set the right mood. Good lighting will illuminate your surroundings and can be installed easily. Fairy lights and tea lights in mason jars are a fantastic and cost-effective way to have soft lighting in several places.

In case of unknown weather circumstances, keep a large umbrella or gazebo handy. Mentally prepare for moving most of the fun indoors too as British weather can be so hard to predict!

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