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Thursday 7 September 2023

Why Detaching From Wedding Tradition Can Be Good For You

Tradition regularly gets bad press in the modern world, so let us defend it for a moment. If you’re hoping for the most traditional wedding possible, and this is important to you, then you can have a wonderful experience following that format. While it may be easy to assume traditions are old-hat, boring and no longer relevant, the truth is that they’ve persisted until today because they offered something worthwhile to many, many people over history.

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However, it’s also important to note that tradition doesn’t have to be binary. You’re not either “fully traditional” or “not at all”, you can grade which elements are important to you. So for example, perhaps you’re just hoping for a smaller event this time, but you still want to wear the beautiful white dress. Perhaps you’re enjoying a same-sex wedding, unfortunately not what society deemed “traditional” for some time (which was wrong, of course), and by implication almost anything you do is going to be novel and fun, like having two grooms on the birthday cake.

Detaching from tradition where most appropriate can offer a great deal of relief when considering your wedding plans. In this post, we’ll determine how to get there:

A Greater Range Of Venues

You don’t have to get married in a religious hall or place of worship, because now you can enjoy a legally-binding marriage from a secular level. If you are religious then of course, this can be a great choice still. But it may be that searching for the best wedding venues, enjoying somewhere a little more novel, and perhaps even in-line with the post-celebrations you hope to have, or even near where the honeymoon is going to be, can open you up to availability, better deals, and indulgent comforts.

A Better, More Comfortable Schedule

Your wedding schedule doesn’t have to conform to the standard. Of course, you do have to get married at a reasonable time of day if you want people to attend. But you don’t have to do the reception, the ceremony, the meal, and the celebrations in the conventional order. You can only enjoy the ceremony on one day, perhaps, and then bring people together on another to celebrate, especially if you want to divide this between two venues or work with a more flexible timeline. Your schedule is up to you.

Lasting Memories On Your Terms

The memories you enjoy on your wedding can come from entertainment, the people you invite, and the speeches you write. If you have unique taste, it can be nice to have that represented at your wedding. For example, if you much prefer rock bands to light entertainment music or conventional DJ’s, you can always book that instead. If you prefer a big barbecue instead of the usual three-course wedding meal, that can be great too. If you’d prefer a delectable wedding cheeseboard instead of a large cake, well, you’re not going to get any judgement here. After all, people have asked for stranger measures than you could ever dream up (there are likely people getting married in Las Vegas with a crooning counterfeit Elvis next to them right now), and so don’t feel you’re asking too much - this is your day.

With this advice, you’re sure to see how detaching from wedding tradition can be good for you.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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  1. The memories you enjoy on your wedding can come from entertainment, the people you invite, and the speeches you write. If you have unique taste


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