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Thursday 12 October 2023

Most Coveted Property Features in 2023

When listing your property, supervising the photoshoot and compiling the marketing copy, you might be wondering what exactly buyers in 2023 want to see from a property. Aside from a great location and excellent value for their money, property trends mean that every year brings new coveted features and details out of the woodwork – with this blog sharing just a handful of the top property features requested by buyers in 2023.

Using insight from our estate agents in Romford, as well as market trends and search terms, here are just some of the inside and outside features that buyers are looking for. 

 Interior features that buyers are looking for

The range of interior features that buyers are coveting and searching the market for span both practical details and more aesthetic features, with large windows and rooms remaining up there as among one of the most coveted structural details.

Alongside the desire for large windows, buyers are also more inclined to seek out windows which are fitted with double glazing, as well as other insulating properties throughout the home – helping them to minimise their energy bills.

Ensuite bathrooms remain popular among buyers, as does an open plan kitchen with an island or breakfast bar installation to maximise access to worktop space and dining space.

Finally, more buyers than ever are interested in properties which lend themselves to inside-outside living – that is, properties which open out into garden spaces, with patios for outdoor furnishings, and with a mixed approach to living spaces during the summer months.

Exterior features that will help to sell your property

Moving towards the outside of your property, one of the most coveted features of any property regardless of its size or location is off-street parking. Combining convenience with the practical benefits of having a guaranteed parking space, off-street parking is a must for many buyers with young children or who have access needs.

Having a garden is another feature that is often considered a must-have for buyers, with the availability of an outside building, shed, or even summerhouse elevating the status of a property (especially since the Covid-19 pandemic when everyone worked from home).

The other feature worth noting, and one which is becoming increasingly more common and more popular, is the installation of heat pumps and solar panels – items which help to ensure a home is more sustainability and environmentally friendly. While not cheap, these features help to streamline the running costs of a home in the long run.

The benefit of working with a dedicated estate agent

Whether you’re selling or buying, a dedicated estate agent can help you to identify the selling points or must-haves of your listing or search. For sellers, an estate agent will help to facilitate everything from a high level photo shoot to the curation of marketing material for your listing, ensuring you get the best possible price.

For buyers, an estate agent can consider all of your must-haves and coveted features and search the market to find the best home for you.

Get in touch with your local agent to discuss your specific needs.

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