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Tuesday 7 November 2023

Creating a Picturesque Garden You Can Use All Year Round

Having a garden is a huge asset whether you’re an outdoorsy person or not. Large or small space, you can gain plenty of benefits from utilising your garden. It doesn’t matter if your garden is enormous or miniscule, being out in your garden is always going to be beneficial to your health. However, to make the most of your garden, you need it looking and functioning in the best way possible.

If your garden is a little unloved, you may feel hesitant to head outside to enjoy the fresh air, but there’s no need to hide from your garden. Putting in a little effort will pay off, and having a picturesque garden will also increase your property value while improving your general well-being. Not sure where to start? Here’s some tips to point you in the right direction.

Make it comfortable

First and foremost, a garden needs to do more than just look good, it needs to be put to practical use. Spend some time thinking about how you can make your garden comfortable enough to enjoy spending time in it. Building a patio area with plenty of seating and a BBQ will invite you outside. Add some roofing to the patio and you’ll be able to enjoy a burger in the garden no matter what the weather is doing!

Choose the right plants

Choosing the right kind of plants is imperative to help make your garden look amazing. You need to think about the effort each plant needs to avoid any slip ups here.

Don’t let yourself get carried away buying lots of different plants without knowing how to take care of them. You also need to think about the growing conditions you can offer your plants, which ones are going to thrive and which ones aren’t likely to survive.

You also need to take into consideration how much time you have to tend to your plants. If you want a garden that’s low maintenance, you’ll have to think about which flowers need more attention. Failing to do this could mean your garden looks even worse, so do your research before going on a shopping spree.

Pay attention to your grass

If you have an area of grass in your garden, take some time to give it some TLC. A great looking lawn will brighten up any garden instantly, and other areas won’t look as bad as they did before. Mow your lawn, treat it to some lawn feeder and notice the difference immediately!

If your lawn is patchy, pick up some grass seeds to help it grow back. The more you tend to your lawn the healthier it will be, and you concentrate on other aspects of your garden.

Be kind to creatures

Finally, be mindful of creatures that may be living in your garden. Hedgehogs tend to nest in exterior hedges and shrubbery, and birds may be using your trees to nest their young. Before tearing anything away, take the time to check for any nests or homes that you may be destroying.

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