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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Baby Shower 29th April 2012

On the morning of 29th April 2012, my Mum came round to take me out shopping in Norwich. I was not feeling too good but she was very insistent... little did I know what they were up to! So off we trot to Norwich... By about 1pm I had had enough and really wanted to go home, but Mother (on her phone all morning texting) kept stalling...

Eventually by 3pm I made it home....

When I walked in to my house I was greeted by my dining room table covered in food but no one in the room... the living room door was shut and I slowly opened the door and my living room was filled with close female friends and family!!!!! I must of had a huge grin on my face, it was lovely to see so many people!!!

After saying hello to everyone I was told to take a seat and wear my sash...

And now was time for some Baby Shower games!!! Now in England Baby Showers are a relativity new thing, and are not as popular as they are in America. So I really did not have a clue what to expect but my friends and Jamie (other half) pulled it off superbly!! 

The first game we played was to guess the baby game, almost everyone brought a picture of themselves and then we had to try and guess who is who... I think I only got 4 right!!! Shameful!!!

The next game we played was also a lot of fun... My friends had placed different food in the nappies and we had to guess what they were.... again I did not do so well!!!

After this we decided to get some food, and then moved onto a quiz which was to see who knew the most about the Mum To Be.... Again a lot fun and laughs were had!

After more games, Jamie returned home and it was time to open presents!! And we both really was not expecting anything, but we had some fantastic and thoughtful gifts from everyone!!

Among the many gorgeous clothes we received we also got, foot printing kit, books, nappies, toys, a memories box, a Hamleys Teddy Bear... the list goes on!

I had a truly wonderful day, a special thanks to my friends Lu, Lou and Chloe, my other half Jamie and my Mum who managed to pull this amazing day together, will treasure the memories always!!!

So readers, what do you think of Baby Showers? Whats your experience?? 

Mummy B xoxox

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  1. The food looks yummy:)



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