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Friday, 8 April 2016

My (Relaxing) Morning Routine

Since becoming a mum of two, the morning's have become somewhat hectic - especially when I'm working. It's a mad dash to get everyone ready, make sure Henry's had a good feed before I leave for work, make sure I have all my pumping equipment and of course make sure I'm ready for work too. Preparation is obviously key, but on day's when I'm not working our morning's are lovely and relaxed (yes there is such a thing!).

So what do I do on these relaxing mornings?

When the children wake up they end up coming in our bed for snuggles. Henry will often already be there as he wakes for a feed at 5am. We chat, plan our day or if we're feeling really lazy, pop the telly on. I love this time of day as we are all just so relaxed, something which I struggle to do. Once we've done all our planning for the day, we go downstairs where we will have breakfast at the table.

We always eat at the table for every meal, I find it such a nice time to chat and have no distractions from toys, tv or social media (no phones allowed here!). I think this time will be especially important when Darcie starts school, a chance to tell each other what we've done during the day.  I will give the kiddies their breakfast first and then once they've done, Darcie goes and play and Henry has a bit of time in his jumperoo, I then have my breakfast. Whilst I'm having my breakfast (usually porridge) and my morning coffee, I will get some blog work done. I don't normally do much blog work during the day, but this is when they're most happy to play on their own, so it gives me a good 20 mins to draft a post, reply to emails or if I'm feeling really naughty I will check to play at bingo sites. Gotta make most of these times as, let's face it a pre-schooler and baby are very demanding!

Once I have finished my online work, I will then go and get the children dressed and ready for the day. I normally get Henry ready first, then he will play in Darcie's room whilst I make sure she is getting dressed properly. She still struggles with certain clothes when getting dressed, it's something we are working on in time for when she starts school in September Once they're done I will then jump into some clothes and slap some make-up on so we're ready for the day ahead. 

The rest of the morning will be spent playing or doing an activity. If we're doing crafts these are normally done in the morning too, in case there is lots of tidying up to do - we're not the tidiest of crafters! I'm trying to remember all the messy play activities I used to do with Darcie, hopefully once the weather is warmer a lot of these can be done outside! 

We always make sure we have a mid-morning snack, Henry loves to chomp on cucumbers (perfect for when he's teething) and we will have the same but with carrots too and a bit of hummus to dip. As you may remember from my recent post about Darcie's eating habits, I'm trying to encourage her to eat more vegetables - luckily these are two of her favourite!

If you would like a post or perhaps video on how we get ready on work/nursery days then let me know, I have a few tips to help get super organised and minimise stress during this hectic time of day. I would also love to hear how you spend a relaxing morning.

Mummy B xoxox

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