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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

6 Ways Creating a Stress Free Home

My home is my place of refuge. After a long day, whether it be at work or wrestling with the kids (mine not my students!), my home is somewhere that I love to kick back, relax and let the day's stresses slip away. So having a home that doesn't stress you out is vital!


A cluttered home clutters the mind too. I hate it when there's clutter around our home, toys, washing piled high there's no way I can relax if my house is full of clutter. The kid's toys all have "homes", my daughter knows the system and even my son who is one know's where most things go (now I just need to train my husband). All toys are packed away each evening before they head to bed, so once the bedtime routine is done, I don't have a load of clearing up to do.

Having regular clear out's also helps you keep on top of the clutter, if you follow me on Instagram stories you would've seen me organising our understairs cupboard which had shamefully become a dumping ground. I have been incorporating the minimalist outlook, if it's not something I need or love it's going in the bin/charity/sell. It's quite empowering thinking this way, not feeling tied to objects.


In my post bringing hygge to your home, I mentioned just how important light is. It's the same if you want a stress free home. Super-bright lights may get you up in the morning and keep you awake when you're running on little sleep, but they’re destructive when you're trying to relax. Golden incandescent light calms you down, so wwap your daylight or bright white bulbs for those labeled incandescent, warm white or soft white. Or better yet, rely on natural sunlight throughout the day.

I personally adore more natural sunlight when I'm relaxing during the day. We've recently decorated our living room and currently have blinds, which does allow a lot of light into the room. However we're looking into replacing them for some beautiful shutters. We would ideally like some wooden white shutters like the ones found here at Luxaflex, to maximise the amount of light entering the room and also gives the room a nice clean look.

Get rid of stressful reminders

Dump the clocks, bill reminders on the fridge and any general reminders that create stress. You may be thinking that surely not having these things are a stress in itself. Well, you have clocks on your microwave and phone. You can always access a clock when you need to. You don’t need one on the wall staring at you and ticking away, especially during your relaxation time. Instead of popping bills on the fridge door, decorate your fridge with love. Keep track of bills and other deadlines on a written or electronic to-do list or calendar. Just like the wall clock theory — you don’t need stressful reminders constantly in your face.


When I'm at my most stressed, the house is normally not at it's best. I've seriously considered hiring a cleaner for an hour or two a week in the past and this is something that I'm looking into more. Having a cleaning schedule can help you stay on top of daily tasks too. But, in all honesty, with my hectic life I'd rather be out in the countryside on an adventure with my kiddies, than stuck in cleaning the bathroom.

Clear pathways

Up until recently, my husband kept putting the hoover and his bike in our hallway. Every time we'd put shoes on, opened the front door or tried to get into our cloakroom, it became a "fun" game of twister. Not only is it safer when you have a clear path to walk throughout your home, but it also saves time and frustration. As we all know, a straight line from Point A to Point B is the quickest & most efficient route. So you can imagine that stepping over clothes or weaving around out-of-place furniture can create unnecessary stress and interrupt the flow of your home.

Back to Nature

I adore being outside, adding flowers, plants and foliage really brings me joy when I'm at home there are even particular plants that can help destress and purify your home.

Do you have any top tips to bring an element of calm to your home?

Mummy B xoxox

*Collaborative Post

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